Of course we know, that Skype and Google have started to roll out computer assisted rea-time interpretation.
But would you want to be interpreted by a mchine?

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Skype calls in German or Russian - with a personal interpreter

Skype calls with simultaneous personal interpreter assistance - an act of courtesy.

Skype, the industry standard app for international video and voice over IP communication, offers an interesting feature which is not so well known: Skype conference calls with 3 or more participants. We use this function to offer simultaneous interpreter services to Skype calls between partners who speak different languages, by facilitating the calls and joining in as your private interpreter. You have contacted that lovely lady in Russia and would like to speak with her (and see her at the same time)? You are planning an international business trip and your contact there is not comfortable trying to speak to you in English? Offering an interpreted conference call is an excellent way to show your coutesy.

If, for some technical reason the call cannot get established or gets interrupted, we will try to re-establisgh it three times: Once right away, once half an hour later and once on the following day (after having agreed on a new appointment by Skype short message.
As Skype Video calls use up a lot of internet bandwidth, we suggest to communicate with the video function switsched off. However, if both sides insist, we can try to continue with video, if that works well enough.

Five steps to getting your 3-way interpreter-assisted  Skype call arranged:

  1. You send us your email request to our service address for: english@languages4you.eu. Please specify
  2. Your Skype Name
  3. The Skype name of the person you want to talk to
  4. A time slot when you would like to commuticate (remember any time zone discrepancies)
  5. Some short hints, what you are planning to talk about.
  6. We assess the job and establish the Skype contact with you and the person you want to talk to, informing about your request and asking for consent.
  7. If your partner agrees, you receive our offer by email, includinng a Paypal payment request and the time for the appointment that was agreed. Our price for this interpreted Skype call is a flat fee of 12.-€ for up to 30 minutes. If you wish to continue, we will ask for additional payment.
  8. When we have received your payment we will establish the Skype conference at the time that was agreed and enable you and your partner to speak in the language that makes everybody feel at ease.

Uebersetzungen aller Art - Sprachwerstatt - Sprachdienste - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Übersetzung von Texten aller Art - Professioneller Sprachdienst - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Wir übersetzen schnell und preiswert. Übersetzung von Texten, Broschüren, Bedienungsanleitungen, Software
Übersetzung von Emails aller Art - Email Übersetzungen - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Wir übersetzen Emails, eingehend und abgehend. Übersetzung von Emails, keine Zeichenkodierungsprobleme beim Versand von übersetzten Emails
Übersetzung von Telefax Nachrichten - Fax Übersetzungen - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
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Vorträgen. Übersetzung von Powerpoint Präsentationen, Korrektur lesen von
Powerpoint Präsentationen, Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
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Persönliche Dolmetscher bei Skype Telefonaten - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Dolmetscher via Skype Telefonkonferenz, Dolmetscherbegleitung bei Skype Gesprächen,
fremdsprchliche Skype Telefoante, Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Persönliche Hausaufgabenbetreuung und Nachhilfe via Skype - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Persönliche Betreuung von Hausaufgaben und Nachhilfestunden, Private Nachhilfe,
Aufgabenbetreuung und Nachhilfe zu Hause via Skype. Ihr persünlicher Nachhilfelehrer, Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Persönlicher Sprachunterricht via Skype - Deutsch - Englisch - Russisch
Persönlicher Sprachunterricht, Private Sprachkurse, Persönliche Sprachlehrer bei Ihnen zu Hause - via Skype. Ihr individueller Sprachkurs, Deutsch - Englisch - Rssisch


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